Age 11 (Story II)
21 (Story III)
Gender Male
Planet of Origin Earth
Race Human
Occupation Brawler
Main Attribute Darkus Darkus
Guardian Bakugan Nebula Meteonoid
Family Nintendocan (Older Brother)
Poshi301 (Little Sister)
First Appearance Nintendocan vs. Valentin 98, Ghgt99 vs. Demiser! Episode 28 (As ???)
Round Finished! Episode 29 (As himself)

Wolf's Story Season 2Edit

He first appeared in episode 28, going under ???.

He was talking with Nintendocan in episode 29.

He made a cameo in episode 32, where he was wondering who Wolf was. Valentin 98 even challenged him to a brawl.

He battled the evil versions of himself, Nintendocan, Farbas, and DarkNovaX alongside Nintendocan in episode 36. He saw that Nintendocan was going to get encased in ice, but he pushed him out of the way and got frozen instead.