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???) The King is coming

???) AOH still is on a mission

???) The Kings robe is all black, with red rubies and blue sapphire.

King) Sing! Sing! I command you too sing

???) "The King goes all around, Ya Ho! The King is going to his throne, Ya Ho! We are just his army, folloow-ing him, he is the Blue King, and he is at this throne"

Kyleronco) I ain't telling the king.

Agent Z) Me either

Zachattack31) ...

Blueking4ever) What are you guys talking about? DarkusAlpha, tell me or you're gonna pay.

DarkusAlpha) Sir... *Sweat* Um... You're robe looks nice.

Kyleronco) *Whispering to Zach* He just chickened out

Zach) *Whispering to Kyleronco* No, he is trying to save Airzel from trouble

Blueking4ever) Kyleronco, Zachattack31, what were you talking about.

Kyleronco) Um... Your throne, it is nice and polished

Zachattack31) Yeah, Yeah! It's nice and shiny, just like your robe.

Blueking4ever) Tell me the truth or else!

( Zachattack31, how did he notice we were lying )

Blueking4ever) Zachattack31, I know when people ly...... ( interruption )

DarkusAlpha) Fine, Airzel left and he isn't back yet.

Blueking4ever) Well, well, well. When Airzel gets back he'll be.... ( Interruption )

Airzel-of-haos) I'll be what? All I know is, I brought us something.

Blueking4ever) What..? It better be good or you're... ( Interruption )

Haos Spotter) I don't know

Blueking4ever) Stop interrupting, The King is here!

Bakugan Introduction! Episode 3 Part 1/2