Tales of Anima
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Written by: GamingFanatic
Number of episodes TBD
Series length Spring 2017 - ???
Genre Action-Adventure, Fantasy
Status Not yet started

Tales of Anima is an upcoming story written by GamingFanatic. It was announced during Story Week IV.


In a world unfamiliar to us, there is a continent called Anima. Within the land of Anima, humans have the ability to control different elements. An ability known as "magic". The land of Anima was split into six kingdoms, each inhabited by the six Tribes of magic:

The Kingdom of Diovis, home of the Thunder Tribe.

The Kingdom of Blaznia, home of the Fire Tribe.

The Kingdom of Meinoa, home of the Wind Tribe.

The Kingdom of Phoebus, home of the Light Tribe.

The Kingdom of Tamsus, home of the Dark Tribe.

And the Kingdom of Chione, home of the Ice Tribe.

Each of the six kingdoms were on shaky terms with one another. While they would often supply each other with necessary resources for survival, wars would often break out between kingdoms for reasons such as more land, or general racism towards the other Tribes.

At one point, all of the kingdoms broke out into war with each other, resulting in the destruction of the Kingdom of Chione and the extinction of the Ice Tribe. This war would be known as the Great War. The Great War was eventually ended by an army of soldiers called the Revolutionary Army, led by a man named Levricap. Levricap and his army were not allied with any kingdom, and was comprised with Mages from all five of the remaining Tribes, seeking only peace and the end of racism and bigotry toward the Tribes.

After the end of the Great War and the victory of the Revolutionary Army, Levricap formed a republic state known as Equala, located in the very center of Anima, and extends to the south-eastern part of the continent, and is a home for all Mages regardless of their Tribe. Chione, now an uninhabitable wasteland, was renamed Fimbulvetr to represent the sadness and regrets of the history of the continent.

Over two centuries have passed since The Great War, and all the kingdoms and Equala are now at peace. However, with racism and prejudice rising once more, it seems things may not remain peaceful for much longer...


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