Aslihian) Oh boy... He's activating an ability.

DinoQueen13) I know.

Blueking4ever) How dare you interrupt the KING! Ability Activate! Shining Flames! ( Bling lets his wings open all the way and the shine bright, causing the opponent to get hot )


Flash Helios) Pretty, pretty light...FEED ME!

Roxanoid) What light... I don't see it.

Leonial) I'm already haos... so, I'm fine.

Aslihian) Ability Activate! Solar Blast! ( Flash Helios takes the solar energy he absorbed and sents an attack at his opponent )

Flash Helios) Thanks for the feeding ( Burps )

( Flash Helios fires a huge blast from his mouth at Bling )

( Bling gets his sword out )

Blueking4ever) Ability Activate! Spinning Sword Striker! ( Bling puts his sword on his head and spins in a circle format )

( Bling goes through the center of the flaming blast )

Flash Helios) A DONUT! ( Flash Helios pushes everyone out of his way and starts to absorb the flaming donut )

Roxanoid) Anyways... I Rocks-A-Noid like a Dragonoid!

Nintendocan) Sorry Roxanoid, but save the puns for later.

Bling) I guess you're my opponent now, then!

Nintendocan) Ability Activate! Rocky Flame! ( Roxanoid fires an attack that is mixed with rocks and fire )

Blueking4ever) Seriously! Ability Activate! Shining Swordly! ( Bling uses his sword to slash his opponent )

( Bling slashes the blast in half and then runs towards Roxanoid with his sword in-front of him )

( Roxanoid jumps into the air and goes up high )

Bling) ( Looks up ) Why you!

Roxanoid) Why me, what?!

Nintendocan) Ability Activate! Comet Drop! (Roxanoid turns to a fireball)

Roxanoid) This is going to be fun! ( Roxanoid starts to fall down as a huge ball of fire )

Flash Helios) Done... (Releases a huge blast of fire towards Bling)

Bling) REALLY!


(Blueking4ever has a evil grin on his face)

Nintendocan) I hope this worked!

Aslihian) I know we won. I know we did.

(The smoke clears up and...)

Bling) Seriously!

(Roxanoid and Flash Helios go into there ball forms and into there master's hands)

Nintendocan) Are you okay Roxanoid?

Roxanoid) Yeah. I'm fine.

DinoQueen13) Ability Activate! Dino Crunch! ( Terrex bites his opponent )

( Terrex bites Torrent Hydros and holds him in his mouth )

Torrent Hydros) Yuck, dino-drool!

Redakaibakulover) Hmm... Ability Activate! Flooding Waters! ( Hydros sends huge blast of water at his opponent )

Torrent Hydros) Auh! ( Torrent Hydros starts firing blast of water in Terrex's mouth, until it's flooded Terrex's body )

( Torrent Hydros shots one final blast and flies out of Terrex's mouth )

DinoQueen13) Ability Activate! Dino Combination! ( Terrex hits his opponent with his hands twice and ends with a tail swipe )

( Terrex doesn't move )

DinoQueen13) Terrex, do something!

Redakaibakulover) He can't his body is flooded!

Torrent Hydros) Yep!

Redakaibakulover) Ability Activate! Torrential Blast! ( Torrent Hydros fires a blast out of 3 of his mouths at his opponent )

( Torrent Hydros fires his 2 blast at Terrex's legs and Terrex falls down, where he gets the third blast to his head )

( Terrex goes to ball form and into DinoQueen13's hands )

Ninja 6) Ability Activate! Mane-Trike ( Leonial blasts the opponent with multiple bolts of lightning. )

( Leonial fires 10 bolts of lightning at Carbon Wolfie )

Evil Wolf) Ability Activate! Carbon Copy! ( Carbon Wolfie copies her opponent's move )

( Carbon Wolfie uses Mane-Trike )

Ber... Bre... BOOM!

( Ninja 6's mask is blown off )


Evil Wolf) Ability Activate! Citro Spin! ( Carbon Wolfie spins in a drill motion with a dark green aura )

PYRUSGUARDIAN) Ability Activate! Flash Barracade! (Leonial temporarily blinds the opponent and forms a barricade then attacks.)

Evil Wolf) The light! It burns!

Carbon Wolfie) I can't see where I'm going! ( Stops her ability )

( The light clears up and PYRUSGUARDIAN, DinoQueen13, Aslihian, and Nintendocan are gone )

Blueking4ever) THEY'RE GONE! D*MN IT!

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