Male Doctor) Redakaibakulover has been tested positive for a concussion. Make sure he doesn't brawl or try to do anything physical. I'll be back in a week.

Masked Man) Okay...

Male Doctor) Why are you wearing a mask?

Masked Man) Because...

Male Doctor) You have a facial illness?

Masked Man) NO!

Male Doctor) Okayyyyayyy... *Takes two steps backwards*

( Meanwhile, Outside Nuzamaki90 and a female doctor are talking )

( Nuzamaki90 whistles )

( Female Doctor blushes )

Nuzamaki90) You look nice...

Female Doctor) Thank you.

Nuzamaki90) You single?

Female Doctor) Yes, yes I a-... ( Interruption )

( Teleterra gets out of ball form and picks the Female Doctor up )

Female Doctor) AHHHH!

Nuzamaki90) Teleterra, put her DOWN!

Teleterra) You dare flurt with my man!

( Teleterra flicks the Female Doctor 100 miles away, into the water )

Male Doctor) O_o... My daughter...

Nuzamaki90) NOOOOOOOOOOO! Teleterra, I'm a guy, you're a Bakugan, is that simple to understand... but nice power.

Teleterra) I understand *Goes back into ball form*

Nuzamaki90) And you stay in my pocket, until I say you can come out again!


Nuzamaki90) It can't be... is it? Wolf and Wolfie, is that you?

Wolfie) Yes!

Nuzamaki90) They even have that girl :D

Teleterra) ERRR!

Nuzamaki90) Teleterra, you have to stay in my pocket! :P

10 minutes later, Wolfie lands...

Female Doctor) Hey... Can you guys help me? This guy needs medical attention, right away.

Nuzamaki90) Okay... Wait... That's WOLF!

( The Female Doctor and Nuzamaki90, move Wolf onto a stretcher )

Nuzamaki90) By the way, what's your name?

Female Doctor) Serenity.

Nuzamaki90) That's a nice name...

( Wolf is put into an ambulance, both doctors go into the ambulance, and Wolf is driven off to the hospital )

( The Masked Man stands by the window and listens )

Nuzamaki90) How long has Wolf been like that?

Wolfie) For about 2 days. Two days ago, Wolf was smashed into that tree, then he's also been electrocuted at least 4 times, and beaten with a staff, by Blueking4ever.

Nuzamaki90) Then why did you not help him!

Wolfie) You try being incased in glass, where you can't move at all, it sucks. I wanted to help him, so many times. The bad news is, they have data about me and can now give my DNA out.

Nuzamaki90) Bye! just bye... I need to take a break.

Wolfie) Seriously... Leave before, I tell you some guy freed us and sent us back here! -_-

Masked Man) *In head* Ha...That was me.

DarkusMaster) Wolfie, can you say out here for a little while.

Wolfie) Um... Okay...

( Wolfie lays down outside )

Masters) Guys, I'm gonna be gone for a little while, I'm doing a training camp, to recruit new people tomorrow.

( Everyone goes into the living room, except for Redakaibakulover )

DarkusMaster) Okay... but I think we should put the new bed into Wolf's room, I heard, what happened because Nuzamaki90 told me, but if we just leave him to sleep outside, he'll just be attacked again!

Everyone else) Okay

Masked Man) I guess, I'll go get a bed.

Masters) I guess, I'll go with you

Nuzamaki90) I can do a a nice sky roof, I got Teleterra to help me

Teleterra) Okay, but I still hate you for what you did. >:P

DarkusMaster) I guess, I'll get the glass.

Jokathak) DM, you know I'm coming with you, right?

DarkusMaster) Yeah... Nuzamaki90, make sure you go easy on putting a hole in the roof... Oh, I'm taking Wolfie, with me.

( Masked Man and Masters, leave on Charge Dragonoid to get a bed and DarkusMaster, Jokathak, and Wolfie, leave to get a few large pieces of glass, while riding on Wolfie )

Masters' Camp for New Recruits! Episode 11